About Us

The Plant Fix Agricultural Service was established in 2013 as a family business initially, which has evolved into a modern company with 2,500 square meters of proprietary facilities, deserving its clientele range in both retail and wholesale.

Headquartered in Mesogi, Paphos (Former Dairy Charalambides), it serves its customers in two other stores in Yialos and Peristerona. Since its inception until today, it has been on the rise and stands out for its service, variety of products, quality and low prices.

Plant Fix has a full range of products covering the fields of agricultural supplies, pesticides, fertilizers, irrigation and seed and that it concerns agriculture on a professional and amateur level as well as the garden. The structure of the company is adapted to the needs of the farmer on the basis of new market trends with well-trained agronomists, constantly offering the highest quality services and effective nutrition and plant protection products, always being the helper of the Cypriot professional and amateur gardener.

Plant Fix is the leading distributor of companies from Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Belgium, Israel with absolute commitment to the qualitative choice of formulations that can provide solutions to phytopathological problems and the development of quality policy, which ensures that the products and the services it offers, fully meet the requirements of its customers and the regulations of the Republic of Cyprus, the European Union and the international regulations.

Plant Fix’s staff are at the disposal of our customers for support, guidance and advice with a unique vision to achieve and maintain a dominant position in the agricultural sector in terms of nutrition and plant protection.


Yours sincerely

Christodoulou Christou